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Creative Methodology

At Inreason, there are three essential steps to developing a project -- Define, Design, and Implement. We have found that by following these three steps, the right solution always presents itself, resulting in a successful and satisfactory outcome.



Every communication and marketing problem has its own solution. Finding the right solution requires defining the problem. At Inreason Media, we do this by talking with our clients one-on-one. We thoroughly discuss your needs and challenges. We ask pertinent questions to stimulate and explore your thoughts. We listen intently to your comments and responses. We guide you through an explorative process that ultimately uncovers the problem and reveals the solution. Then, together, we define the objectives that become the driving force of your project.



Blending logic with creativity is our distinctive talent. We do this by learning as much about you and your challenges as we can. Then, focusing on the defined objectives, we practice various design disciplines, which may include:

  • Conceptual design - the creative energy behind every good design.
  • Information design - how the parts of the information to be communicated are organized and relate with each other.
  • Architectural design - the blueprint for larger projects such as web sites, catalogs, and annual reports.
  • Navigation design - moving through information interactively, such as web sites or interactive CDs.
  • Look and feel – culmination of all the design disciplines, combined with the aesthetics of the project.

This is Inreason’s formula for successful design – the proper execution of design disciplines guided by defined objectives.



Production begins and moves quickly at this point. Our expertise allows us to organize, attend to details and produce a project in a timely fashion to meet your deadlines. Timelines are checked, layouts are produced, any illustrations are completed, final content is supplied, inserted and finessed. The project is launched.

From advertisements to trade show displays, corporate identities to web sites, Inreason Media's forethought, teamwork, and creative and production skills ensures the success of your project.

Please visit our portfolio section to see some of these successes.

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More Than Ordinary Web Site Design

Our web site design is more than quality custom creative.

More than ordinary website designWhether it's a redesign or a new web site, our graphic solutions will contain a distinct expansion of your branding or a complete foundation to build your new brand.

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Quality Creative For Houston & Beyond

We work in Northwest Houston and Cypress, Texas...

Quality creative for Houston and beyondBut our clients are located across the country. Our Creative Methodology works for any industry, company size, economy, project type, and populace.

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A Complete Line Of Marketing Support

Just because you build it doesn't mean they will come.

Marketing support for your new website designWe have all the tools you will need to market your company or product, including social media marketing, search engine keyword optimization, email marketing, and more!

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